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Reda Jo Films


Watercolor Butterfly 13

Redajofilms is a small independent film company based out of Dallas, Texas.  Reda Jo films is solely owned and operated by  Kelly Gray - Bobino,  an award winning film writer, producer and director.  "I  was producing several micro budget films for local directors in the Dallas - Fort Worth area and I needed to organize and build my own company".   Reda Jo Films  was established in 2012 as an independent film company.  Filmmakers utilize the small multimedia company to provide film consulting services, hire cast, crew and  provide various production services to complete short and feature films.  

Recently Mrs. Bobino decided to return to Film school.  She enrolled at the University of Texas at Arlington in 2018 and graduated Spring 2021 with a Master of Fine Arts in Cinematic Studies.  Her artistic approach and passion for humanizing people of color is evident in her Thesis project titled Tati the Great.  This short poetic documentary about the life of Atatiana Jefferson, a slain African american woman killed in her hometown of Fort Worth, Texas. The documentary will screen at the Charlotte Black film festival  in June 2021. 

Kelly is inspired by nostalgic events and stories from her childhood.  She shares childhood stories with her students about growing up in the South during 1970's and 80's and remembering the birth of Hip Hop.  Kelly enjoys spending free time with her family. She loves to study history and various cultures.  Mrs. Bobino currently teaches Audio Visual and Film at Cedar Hill high school in Cedar Hill, Texas. 

She seeks a career in academia at a post secondary institution where she can continue to teach and mentor students focusing on Cinema studies specializing in African American Film History.  Her plans are to continue to create fiction and non-fiction films that uplift and educate all people utilizing her love for Fine Arts.  Her work is about building bridges to create diverse communities and using art as a form or cultural expression and healing. Her book Close Up is her first published work as an author. Close Up documents her obstacles and successes while producing Tati The Great.

Watercolor Butterfly 13
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